Headquartered in Vale de Cambra, in the district of Aveiro, Portugal, Mindol was founded in 1973 with a production unit, with 48 years of experience. Mindol is dedicated to the production and development of rest systems such as mattresses, , bedsteads, toppers, pillows, among others. Mindol is a national reference in its area of ​​activity.

With the evolution and the passage of time, it was necessary to create new production areas, as well as to develop new products to respond to the requests of the national and international market, having been formed the Mindol Group.



5 Dangers of sleeping on an old mattress

After all, why is an old mattress dangerous? Throughout this article, we will explain the dangers of sleeping on an old mattress, secondly the benefits of sleeping well and thirdly, the advantages of sleeping on a new mattress.

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Bedroom colors: 5 best colors to sleep well

The bedroom is a personal and intimate space that should reflect the personality of whoever uses it. That’s why choosing the colors of the room is much more important than just an aesthetic choice, it also has to do with how you want to feel in your room.

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